Best Universities in the Netherlands

Learning business in the best universities in the Netherlands seems to be a dream of everyone. The University of Amsterdam seeds the top fifty universities so that it becomes the oldest university in the Netherlands.  It is a research-based university in Europe in which it has almost 30.000 students. The main campus is located in the city center of Amsterdam with seven faculties.

Top Business Programs at the Best University

A business and economy faculty in this university has several leading program choices. The top two programs are economics and econometrics and accountancy and finance belonging to the top fifty list. Despite those fields, there are some other programs on the list. Those are Linguistics, Philosophy, Sociology, Science, and Geography. Business and economy faculty becomes the favorite faculty because it offers a bachelor program.

The business and economy faculty in one of the best universities in the Netherlands are located on the left side of the city center of Amsterdam. This campus is easily reached with general transportation. It is also surrounded by trendy restaurants and bars. It also has a series of entertaining places such as a zoo, museum, and botanical park. You can take a rest and relax your mind there when you are studying at university.

High-Quality Study Program and Low Living Cost

When you study at this top university in the Netherlands, you can study high-quality educational levels with social activities and academic activities in Amsterdam. It becomes a living city and rich in culture in West Europe. The living cost in Amsterdam is relatively affordable. It tends to be lower than the UK or the US. The estimation cost is about 1.000 to 1.500 dollar per month. However, the business school of Amsterdam University provides some facilities helping the students by maximizing a studying period of time. It starts student service desk, modern learning center, campus doctor, counselor, library, sports facilities, and culture. It is one of the best universities in the Netherlands to choose.

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